📯Marketing and Advertising Strategy

As an organization with ambitions to push mass adoption forward, we have drawn up a marketing plan to ensure that the JEDSTAR ecosystem will be seen and talked about.

Our goals with marketing are simple:

  • Ensure that customers all over the world get access to DeFi and GameFi based products in the simplest and most secure manner they possibly can.

  • Develop customer loyalty to our JEDSTAR Franchise.

  • Ensure that our products and services are well known and eventually become a household name in both DeFi and GameFi.

  • Develop a large and loyal fanbase that is willing to spread the word about the JEDSTAR ecosystem.

These will be achieved through the following:


By harnessing the raw power and reach of the internet, JEDSTAR will build communities that are loyal to the brand and willing to proselytize JEDSTAR’s services far and wide. JEDSTAR will utilize social media mainly to disperse information and updates to our users. We will also create short product commercials that will effectively and succinctly explain what we do.

JEDSTAR will leverage the following outlets:

  • Social Media

1. Twitter: twitter.com/JedStarOfficial

2. Instagram: instagram.com/jedstargaming

  • Blogs

1. Medium: jedstar.medium.com

2. Publish0x

  • Video Distribution

1. YouTube: youtube.com/@JEDSTAROfficial

  • Forums

1. Bitcointalk

2. Reddit: reddit.com/r/JedStarOfficial

3. Discord: discord.gg/bcM3NZnx

4. Telegram: t.me/JedstarOfficial


By using targeted advertisements that will harness user specific data, JEDSTAR will increase the awareness of its brand and services.

Giveaways and Promotions:

JEDSTAR will engage in various promotions and occasional giveaways, including but not limited to:

  • Contests to win JEDSTAR swag and titles in our community.

  • Occasional $JED and BNB giveaways.


JEDSTAR plans on leveraging the reach of various influencers in different industries to increase awareness of JEDSTAR, its brand, and its services. These influencers will be both consumer and crypto related.


JEDSTAR will enter various strategic partnerships with multiple organisations in a bid to render services more effectively and gain exposure to different communities. It is hoped that these communities will appreciate and utilize the services that JEDSTAR has to offer.

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