JEDSTAR Gaming Staking Lottery

Version 1 - 29 March 2023. To be updated

STARSTAKING WarpDraw is an exciting and innovative addition to the STARSTAKING DeFi platform, designed to reward our community members with exceptional prizes. Leveraging our casino license, we've crafted a unique staking program that offers a thrilling gaming experience while maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

Our collaboration with industry-leading partners like Chainlink enables us to provide a fair and transparent lottery process, with draws taking place every Wednesday. The STARSTAKING WarpDraw exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering unparalleled value to our dedicated community members. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of STARSTAKING and seize the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking staking experience.

The STARSTAKING WarpDraw offers a tiered system with varying levels of eligibility and prize opportunities, based on the amount of JED staked by participants. By staking more JED, participants can access higher tiers, which grant them more chances to win lucrative prizes. Each ticket represents an individual entry and increases the likelihood of winning a prize in the draw.

Here's a breakdown of the staking tiers and their respective ticket limits:

  • 1st prize and below: With 50k JED staked and above, participants can purchase up to 3 tickets per wallet @ 15 USDT each, increasing their chances of winning the top prize

  • 2nd prize and below: By staking 25k JED and above, participants can buy a maximum of 10 tickets per wallet @ 10 USDT each, enhancing their odds of securing a prize in the second-tier or lower

  • 3rd prize and below: Staking 10k JED and above, allows participants to purchase up to 20 tickets per wallet @ 5 USDT each, providing greater opportunities to win a third-tier prize or lower

  • 4th prize onwards: For those at leas staking 5k JED, there is no limit to the number of tickets they can acquire, each ticket @ 2 USDT, expanding their winning prospects for the fourth-tier prizes and beyond.

The tiered system is designed to incentivize higher levels of staking while offering participants more opportunities to win rewards based on their level of commitment to the platform.

The tiered prize structure consists of four reward levels based on the number of matched winning numbers:

  • 1st prize: Match all 6 winning numbers - Reward: 10,000 USD + equivalent in KRED at the time of staking launch

  • 2nd prize: Match 5 winning numbers - Reward: 5,000 USD + equivalent in KRED at the time of staking launch

  • 3rd prize: Match 4 winning numbers - Reward: 2,000 USD + equivalent in KRED at the time of staking launch

Weekly draws take place every Wednesday, keeping the excitement levels high and providing consistent opportunities for participants to win attractive prizes.

To ensure eligibility for these enticing rewards, participants must adhere to a minimum staking period of 30 days. Although staked tokens can be removed at any time, withdrawing before the 30-day period will result in forfeiture of the prize. Unstaking also renders participants ineligible for the upcoming draw, and if they choose to restake, the 30-day counter resets.

We take pride in offering a transparent and fair reward distribution system. Both KRED and USDT are disbursed to the winners directly from the deployer wallet, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. The STARSTAKING WarpDraw demonstrates our commitment to innovation and community engagement, while always prioritizing long-term sustainability. Each staker will also get between 4% to 8% yield in KRED every 30 days, depending on the amount of JED they stake from 5,000 JED and above.

Disclosure ⚠️

JEDSTAR Gaming offers a staking program in which investors can purchase and stake JED tokens. The contributions of JED become part of the computerized, technical process used to mint KRED, a utility token used as a currency within JEDSTAR Gaming's gaming ecosystem and on the NFT marketplace. It is important to note that JEDSTAR Gaming does not make any promises or guarantees of profits in relation to the staking program and the KRED token. The value of KRED, like all cryptocurrencies, is subject to fluctuations and cannot be controlled or determined by JEDSTAR Gaming. The KRED token is being offered as a utility token within the JEDSTAR Gaming ecosystem, and the staking rewards are simply a byproduct of participating. Any potential gains from the staking program are not guaranteed and are subject to market conditions and other factors beyond the control of JEDSTAR Gaming. Participants in the staking program should be aware that the value of their KRED holdings may fluctuate and that there is no guarantee of profit. The total staking rewards in KRED will not exceed 30% of the total liquidity of KRED to maintain the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Participation in this staking program carries risks, and investors should carefully consider their investment objectives and the risks associated with this program before investing. JEDSTAR Gaming is committed to protecting the interests of its users who participate in the staking program. The platform implements security measures to ensure the safety and security of staked JED and generated KRED tokens. However, it is important to note that no system can guarantee complete protection against all security risks. Participants in the staking program should know the inherent risks associated with holding and staking digital assets and take appropriate measures to secure their assets. This may include, but is not limited to, using a secure wallet, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly monitoring their account. JEDSTAR Gaming encourages its users to educate themselves on the best practices for securing their digital assets and to make informed decisions about their participation in the staking program. It is important to note that JEDSTAR Gaming has no control over the tokens or the rewards generated once JED tokens are staked. The staked JED becomes part of the computerized, technical process used to mint KRED, and the rewards generated are not automatically credited to the staker's account. After the stated period of staking, all users can withdraw their staked JED and the generated KRED rewards without any intervention from JEDSTAR Gaming. The staker must take action to withdraw the rewards from the platform. JEDSTAR Gaming cannot prevent users from withdrawing their assets. As such, stakers should be aware that their staked JED and generated KRED rewards are under their control and subject to the risks associated with holding digital assets. This disclosure is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of the staking program or the laws and regulations that may apply to it, and JEDSTAR Gaming recommends that investors consult a licensed attorney for legal advice. By participating in this staking program, investors acknowledge that they understand the risks associated with it and that they are participating solely to support the growth of the gaming ecosystem.

KRED: a utility token within JEDSTAR Gaming's ecosystem

The KRED token plays a crucial role as a utility token within the JEDSTAR Gaming ecosystem. It is not just a reward for staking JED tokens but has many practical uses within the ecosystem. These uses include:

  • STARDOME: An online arcade with hundreds of games where players can use KRED to wage and win against other players.

  • AGORA: An NFT marketplace that sells SFTs where KRED serves as the currency for purchasing unique digital assets.

  • Night Claws: A mobile game where KRED is used to purchase premium gaming assets that enhance the gaming experience.

  • KDArena.gg: A tournament platform that uses KRED as both the reward currency and the currency for purchasing digital assets.

  • SILVERVOLT: A mobile app that enables gamers to win digital assets and KRED through games. KRED can then be used as the currency to purchase premium assets or coupons to access premium games.

The emphasis on the practical use of KRED within the JEDSTAR Gaming ecosystem demonstrates that the token is not being offered as a security with an expectation of profits derived from the efforts of others but instead serves a specific purpose as a utility token within the ecosystem. This distinction is critical for determining whether the staking program constitutes security under applicable laws and regulations.

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