VOLT Generation on Multiple Devices

VOLTS can be generated using multiple devices, which can include a heterogeneous combination of Android smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Please note that only ONE device will have full access to SILVERVOLT, while the remaining devices continue to generate VOLTS in the background.

All generated VOLTS from multiple devices will be accumulated to the same account.

Step 1 | Access Side Panel Overlay

On the SILVERVOLT dashboard, select the Side Panel Overlay button to activate the side panel.

Step 2 | Account Logout

Click on Logout to access the logout screen.

Step 3 | Choose Main Device

If you wish to choose your current device as your main device to access SILVERVOLT and collect your unclaimed VOLTS, select "Log In Here".


You can claim your generated VOLTS across all your devices with your assigned main device.

Otherwise, for all other devices, please select "Log Out Completely" and ensure that "Automatically start VOLT generator when charging" is enabled. This will allow your other devices to automatically generate VOLTS in the background.

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