Bidding for Auction Prizes

Step 1 | Access Auction Lounge

Navigate to our Auction Lounge by clicking its Quick Access button.

  • This Quick Access button will be in the same location on most activity pages of the SILVERVOLT UI.

Step 2 | Check Account Balance

Check your available balance of VOLTS and Diamonds before bidding for an auction prize.

Step 3 | Choose Auction Prize

Choose the auction prize you wish to bid for with your VOLTS and Diamonds. Scroll down to see the entire list of auction prizes.


The number and type of items you are able to bid for will be dependent on your SILVERVOLT tier, which refreshes weekly and corresponds to your Volt generation activity.

Step 4 | Bid for Auction Prize

Select Bid Now and enter your bidding price to bid for your preferred auction prize. After clicking Submit Bid, your bid price in VOLTS and Diamonds will automatically be deducted from your account balance.


  • For every new bid, there is a minimum of 1000 VOLTS on top of the current bid price. For example, if the current bid price of an auction prize is 1,000,000 VOLTS, you will require at least 1,001,000 VOLTS to place a new bid.

  • Apart from VOLTS, Diamonds will also be required to place bids.

Step 5 | Auction Countdown

Check the auction countdown timer and wait for the auction countdown timer to end.

  • You will be notified through Messages if you have been outbid while the auction is still ongoing.


The Messages page can be accessed through the Side Panel Overlay.

Step 6 | Check Bid Notifications

At the end of each weekly auction, please check your My Bids tab under the Side Panel Overlay for any messages to verify if you have won or lost your bids.


  • Your SILVERVOLT Tier will be refreshed every Wednesday UTC 00:00 hours. Thus, depending on the quantities of your generated VOLTS and DIAMONDS for this week, you may fall into a different Tier in the following week with a different set and number of auction prizes.

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