⚙️Features of $JED

  • Initial Exclusivity On day one, $JED will be available on Uniswap on the Polygon network; swapped with $KRED until the liquidity rewards program is launched. Making it an exclusive token that only $KRED holders can purchase. Through this method, we maintain a sustainable ecosystem within our reward program while building that exclusivity for $JED.

  • JED Membership Through our exclusive DeFi token, holders will also gain access to a JED Membership program from the 28th of February 2023. The details of this program will be shared in January 2023. This membership will include the following: - access to the KDArena.gg franchise plan - enabling active side income - access to JEDSTAR Gaming Guild franchise - enabling ownership of sports teams, supported by our brand and marketing as well as an active side income - access to a chat group that includes higher tiered members and JEDSTAR Leader - the first step to building the largest gaming DAO. - access to unique digital assets such as SFTs and PFPs - access to discounts with major gaming brands

  • True Burn A unique burning function within the smart contract that does not simply send tokens into a dead wallet but removes circulation from the total supply, making $JED one of the only few truly deflationary tokens. This function is further discussed in our Liquidity Pairing Rewards program section.

  • Tax-free Buys and Sells Until the 15th of January, $JED will be tax-free.

  • Burn Tax

    • Post 15th of January 2023, a 2% burn tax will be imposed on buys and sells, further increasing the deflationary aspect of the token.

  • Rewards tax

    • Post 15th January 2023, a 3% tax on every purchase and sale will be sent back to the deployer wallet to be distributed within our rewards pool for our upcoming lottery program.

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