If you need assistance with installing SILVERVOLT on your device please join our friendly Discord Community and one of our team members will assist you.

Step 1 | Download APK

An APK is an installation package format for Android, used to distribute and install apps.

Using your Android device, using a web browser such as Chrome go to Download Links and download the correct APK for your region.

Step 2 | Install APK

Note: By default there is a restriction that blocks installation of any applications outside the Google Play Store. You will need to enable installation of applications from "Unknown sources" to install the APK (also known as side-loading). Once you have installed the application we recommend you can turn this off again.

The APK will now be in the Downloads folder on your device, click on the file you downloaded in the previous step and select the option to Install. Often the easiest is to initiate the install directly from the web browser on your device such as Chrome.

If installation from unknown sources is not currently allowed on your device you will be prompted to allow this under Settings.

To enable installation from unknown sources from the home screen follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Android Settings > Apps & Notifications

  2. Select Advanced or the three dots at the top-right corner – users might see either option depending on their device

  3. Select Special App Access

  4. Choose Install Unknown Apps

  5. Select the apps you want to allow to sideload apk files - in this case Google Chrome

Select the option to install the APK, and click INSTALL, followed by OPEN.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed SILVERVOLT.

Step 3 | Launch SILVERVOLT

You can now launch SILVERVOLT and proceed to log in and use SILVERVOLT.

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