Auction Lounge FAQs

1. What happens to my VOLTS and DIAMONDS when an auction ends?

If you won an auction bid, your VOLTS and DIAMONDS will remain deducted from your account. However, if you lose an auction bid, your VOLTS will be returned to you, whereas your DIAMONDS will remain deducted.

2. Why is my number of biddable auction prizes varying every week?

The range of auction prizes available to you is dependent on your SILVERVOLT Tier, which is directly related to your amount of VOLTS generated and DIAMONDS collected for that particular week. For example, if you fall in the Silver Tier this week, there will only be 10 prizes you can bid for, while being in the Platinum Tier next week will open up an additional 5 prizes for you to bid.

3. When will I receive the auction rewards that I have won?

Digital rewards and collectibles will be deposited to your wallet or game account within 2 business days, while physical items will be subject to standard shipping delivery timelines, which may vary depending on your geographical location and transport conditions.

4. Do I need to pay for delivery fees for my physical rewards?

The delivery fees of your physical items will be fully paid for by SILVERVOLT! Note: You will be required to provide a physical address to receive your physical item rewards.

5. Why am I unable to see my bid winnings?

Depending on user traffic, you may need to wait for several minutes for notifications to reach your inbox and rewards to be transferred to your account. If you are still unable to view your bid winnings after 24 hours, please raise a support ticket at

6. Why am I unable to win any bids?

You may be bidding against more users as more and more users download the app and generate VOLTS. Please keep trying!

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