Tokenomics Overview

With our migration to Polygon, we will be introducing our new Tokenomics, Reward Programs and Burn Mechanics

2 Synergetic Tokens

$JED, the first token of our ecosystem, is the passive generating and primary staking token. JED Holders will be able to earn KRED or SFTs and privileges in our gaming ecosystem.
$KRED, our ecosystem currency, will be the crypto token to make purchases or use on our platforms and games. It will slowly evolve to be a universal currency that would go beyond JEDSTAR Gaming's own ecosystem.

4 Harmonious and Sustainable Reward Mechanisms

Liquidity Reward Programs
Liquidity Rewards Lottery
A staking platform that rewards passive income that can be utilised within our ecosystem
A reward program that generates passive income while strengthening the tokens
Increases the rewards of JEDStakers and the potential to win US$50,000 worth of KRED
Increases the rewards of LP Providers and the potential to win US$50,000 worth of JED

A Truly Deflationary Ecosystem

True Burn
BuyBack n' Burn
An innovative and truly deflationary burning mechanism within the smart contract that permanently removes tokens from the Total Supply
3% of JEDSTAR net revenue will be bought back every week via CEX or DEX after the first $100,000 mark and will be sent to a ’dead wallet’ reducing Circulating Supply
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