$JED Contract Address

Overview of $JED

$JED is an exclusive, truly deflationary, decentralized DeFi token
  • Launch price: USD 0.1
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply at Launch: an initial supply of 55,000,000 will be minted, but the total supply will only be minted through staking rewards or when needed, i.e providing supply to a CEX bringing true scarcity to the token
  • MCP at launch: USD 4.5M
  • Fully Diluted MCP (at launch): USD 81M
  • Deflationary token through our True Burn and Buyback and Burn mechanisms
  • Our primary DeFi token
  • Initial exclusivity: You need $KRED to purchase $JED on Uniswap - until the Liquidity Pool Reward program starts
  • A Membership program