Our team comprises of passionate gamers, Web3 aficionados and Web3 natives


An avid gamer and a crypto stager, Josh is responsible for the business strategy and the teamโ€™s performance, motivation and overall awesomeness aligned to JEDSTARโ€™s vision and purpose. Josh has held various senior leadership roles in technology within Fortune 100 MNCs. He has also held senior consulting roles in technology, working for some of the worldโ€™s most well-known brands.

During his free time, Josh enjoys trash-talking in League of Legends, getting fragged in Valorant, and researching and investing in exciting new Web3 projects.

A technologist, strategist, and coder. Kaiesh leads JEDSTARโ€™s technical design, development and product operations. Having built his own profitable SaaS start-up, worked for major technology companies and financial institutions, he has over 20 yearsโ€™ experience in solving complex problems through technology.

When heโ€™s not rolling out product, you can find him surfing, biking or playing classics like Quake 3 with his kids.

โ€œA two-dimensional tennis game represented by 2 lines and a square that bounces around.โ€ That is the game Pong.

โ€œTwo sides locked in an epic battle, volleying an imploding star back and forth towards each otherโ€™s otherwise defenseless Kingdom.โ€ Now thatโ€™s an epic game.

Terry is responsible for developing the various product offerings of JEDSTAR. This may include story, lore, and characters of the JEDSTAR universe. By engaging our community at a primal and emotional level, he is able to oversee games, comics and various products that is consumed by the public.

Terry has worked in industries spanning concept development, VFX and video production. His clients include numerous Fortune 100โ€™s and media companies. When not working, Terry is asleep in his own mental metaverse documenting whatever he can to bring back into the real-world. When awake he is involved in teaching and volunteer work.

A gamer, designer, and photographer. Ryan leads the JEDSTAR team from a design and branding perspective with over 20 years of experience in the digital innovation space. Ryan has partnered with businesses ranging from disruptive start-ups to Fortune 500 companies seeking to reinvent themselves.

Outside JEDSTAR you can find Ryan wandering through the streets with his camera looking for interesting moments to capture or at home hanging out with his cat family while playing Rise of Kingdoms.

An organiser and a problem solver โ€“ for the last 10 years, Cole has managed deals and business partnerships with the worldโ€™s largest and most well-known organisations. Leveraging his experience in building tech, consulting, and account teams across nearly every market on the planet, he is focused on creating sustainable and profitable growth for JEDSTAR through industry partnerships, relentless teamwork and kick-ass products.

Choosing not to stress about a career as a pro-gamer, Cole enjoys showing off his 200MMR Herald DotA ranking and regularly requires new game controllers due to his crippling Soulsborne addiction.



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