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Overview of STARSTAKING and Liquidity Rewards Lottery Programs

Leveraging our casino licenses, we are able to provide additional rewards to our JEDStakers and Liquidity Providers.

JEDStakers or Liquidity Providers will have the chance to win the KRED or JED Jackpots โ€“ starting at the equivalent of US$50,000, which will increase as ticket purchases increase. - 50% of each ticket purchased will go to the Lottery Program Jackpot. - 40% of every Lottery ticket purchased will be redistributed amongst all ticket buyers meaning that regardless of win or loss, every Lottery participant will receive rewards. - 10% of every ticket purchased will be removed from the Circulating Supply. - Tickets can only be purchased from rewards earned through STARSTAKING or Liquidity Rewards. - Each ticket will be in $JED or $KRED, an equivalent of USD 5. - Our lottery uses a licensed and legal random number generator to eliminate any foulplay.


  1. Paying for one ticket will give users a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. โ€œ1-9-3-2-0-4โ€. Match numbers from the left to win prizesโ€”the more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you'll share in.

  2. No ticket limit per holder, but only 100 tickets can be bought at a time.

  3. A lottery draw occurs every Tuesday and Friday at 1200hrs UTC โ€“ winning numbers will be displayed within the following 4 hrs.

  4. After a round is drawn and tickets with matching numbers are determined, the prizes are awarded. The amount won by each ticket will depend on how many other tickets won in the same prize bracket.

  5. To win: match numbers, from the left side of your ticket to the winning numbers drawn at the end of a Lottery round:

    - Matching even just the first 2 numbers will win you a small prize.

    - Match more numbers to win a share of a larger prize pool.

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