1. Can I transfer my VOLTS to my digital or crypto wallet?

VOLTS are not transferable to any external wallets or accounts as they are not powered by blockchain technology like $KRED. VOLTS are basically the native currency for SILVERVOLT. Please be careful if anyone claims that they are transferable and wishes to buy or sell VOLTS to you.

VOLTS comes with an added benefit with its non-transferable attributes. It helps prevent compromised accounts and malicious actors from stockpiling VOLTS into one account, which will present an unfair advantage to other Generators when it comes to bidding for gaming assets in the Auction Lounge.

2. Can I use my VOLTS for other online purchases?

VOLTS do not have any inherent value outside of SILVERVOLT so they cannot be used to purchase any online and physical products. They can only be used for the main activities within the SILVERVOLT ecosystem.

3. Can I use cryptocurrencies or other forms of currencies in SILVERVOLT?

No, only VOLTS and DIAMONDS are allowed in SILVERVOLT as no fiat or crypto purchases are allowed nor required to enjoy SILVERVOLT.

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