DIAMONDS are made to be spent!

You will spend your DIAMONDS as you interact with the various utilities on the SILVERVOLT platform such as bidding on auction items in our Auction Lounge. As you spend your DIAMONDS they will be removed from your account balance, and can be replenished by charging your device and collecting VOLTS.

Starting at a minimum of 2 DIAMONDS per bid, the number of DIAMONDS required for bidding increases proportionally to your bid amount. For example; Placing a 100,000 VOLTS bid on 1000 Mobile Legends Diamonds will cost 2 DIAMONDS, while a new 1,000,000 VOLTS bid of the same auction prize will cost 5 DIAMONDS instead.


  • Unlike VOLTS, if you lose a bid on an auction prize, the DIAMONDS you have used to bid for this prize will remain deducted from your account balance.

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