Generating Volts FAQs

1. Can I generate VOLTS using multiple devices?

Yes, with just one account, you can generate VOLTS using multiple devices, which can include a heterogeneous combination of Android smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Please note that only ONE device will have full access to SILVERVOLT, while the remaining devices continue to generate VOLTS in the background.

All generated VOLTS from multiple devices will be accumulated to the same account.

2. Why did my SILVERVOLT app stop generating VOLTS when I disconnect my charger?

This is a special feature that is implemented to avoid over-draining your battery in the absence of a constant supply of power. You will receive a notification popup informing you that you will only be able to generate VOLTS for 14 minutes when you are generating VOLTS on your battery power. This is because, similar to any processor-intensive application, it will drain your battery more rapidly when SILVERVOLT is running in the background.

3. Why did my SILVERVOLT app stop generating VOLTS even though I am charging my phone?

a. SILVERVOLT is intentionally designed with a monitoring feature, known as โ€œOverheat Protectionโ€, to disable VOLT generation when your device reaches above 111.2 deg Fahrenheit (44 degree Celsius). This is to prevent your device from overheating so as to maintain the quality of your phone battery.

b. You have to allow SILVERVOLT to run in the background by enabling permission settings , under Settings, to "Unrestricted Battery Usage".

c. Please ensure that your internet connection is relatively stable as it is a key requirement to generate VOLTS.

4. Why does my phone or desktop feel slower when I am using SILVERVOLT?

SILVERVOLT is tapping on the processing power of your device to generate VOLTS, which reduces the processing power available to your device for other applications, except for critical functions. To enhance your user experience, you can reduce the processing power assigned for VOLT generation under Settings. The available power settings are Low, Medium, High and MAX.

We recommend that you generate VOLTS while you sleep, or on devices that you do not commonly use for daily activities.

5. Why does my total amount of generated VOLTS differ daily?

Differing VOLT generation amounts and rates can be attributed to multiple variables, namely background processes, internet connection and even room temperatures.

Firstly, some background processes such as antivirus or malware scans can greatly impact the available CPU processing power allocated to SILVERVOLT for VOLT generation while they are active.

Next, while bandwidth is a less critical factor, a relatively stable internet connection is still recommended to ensure more consistent VOLT generation rates.

Last but not least, the ambient room temperatures surrounding your device can play a role in maintaining consistent generation amounts. If room temperatures are high, the "Overheat Protection" feature will kick in more frequently if your battery temperatures hit 111.2 deg Fahrenheit (44 degree Celsius), leading to reduced VOLTS amounts and rates. Therefore, we recommend that you use cooling devices, such as miniature cooling fans, to maintain consistent generation amounts and protect your battery and device(s).

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