VOLT Generation Settings

Step 1 | Access Side Panel Overlay

On the SILVERVOLT dashboard, select the Side Panel Overlay button to activate the side panel.

Step 2 | Access Settings

On the Side Panel Overlay, click on Settings.

Step 3 | Access Critical Functions

Tap on the Manage button under Critical Functions.

Step 4 | Enable Battery and Background Usage

These permissions are required in order for the application to run correctly

Enable both "Unrestricted Battery" and "Run in the Background".

Step 5 | Activate VOLT Generation

Under VOLT Generator, enable "VOLT generator active" and "Autostart generation when charging". This will initiate the VOLT generation process when you are charging your mobile device(s) or keeping your desktop device(s) plugged in.


  • If "Autostart generation when charging" is not activated, VOLT generation will be tapping on the battery of your mobile device instead.

  • Using your mobile device battery for VOLT generation will only allow you to generate Volts for 15 minutes. This feature is specifically implemented to ensure that your mobile devices do not run out on battery power should you forget to charge them.

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