Auction Lounge


What is our Auction Lounge?

Our Auction Lounge is the first and main activity of SILVERVOLT where Generators are able to gain access to auction prizes that would typically require fiat (real money) or crypto to purchase - making these items virtually free as VOLTS are generated simply by charging your phone.

Although our Auction Lounge functions as a minimum bid auction house, we have forged strategic partnerships that allow the starting prices for bids to be considerably lower than their retail prices (up to 99%!).

Winners of our auction prizes will have their digital items, i.e. NFTs and in-game resources, immediately deposited into their wallets or accounts, while the delivery of their physical items would be subject to standard shipping delivery timelines.

As JEDSTAR is all about gaming, our auction prizes will be specifically gaming related - both blockchain and โ€˜conventionalโ€™ games.

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