A Partnership between JEDSTAR and SKILLGAMING


STARDOME is a hyper-casual gaming platform developed through the partnership of JEDSTAR and SkillGaming, that allows you to play your favourite games (major and indie titles) and earn by challenging yourself or duelling others. The more skilled you get, the more you can make! Don't have any KRED tokens? No problem, play for XP and climb the leaderboards for ultimate bragging rights!

Karen Yap, Head of Business Development at SkillGaming:

“STARDOME holds the potential to be the biggest online arcade with true games of skill, pitting millions of gamers around the world, all playing for the $KRED currency. NFT meets DeFi meets blockchain gaming, and JEDSTAR is a one-stop shop. We are excited to be a technical partner in this regard.”

You can play and earn KRED tokens in hundreds of indie titles (including mini-games), or face off against other gamers in Duels. Earn anywhere from 5% to 1000% return per transaction! Click here to browse the games available.

The first JEDSTAR hypercasual game released on STARDOME

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