🗝️Key Milestones

Developments and achievements since Aug 2021

Our community grew to over 800,000 gamers!

We organically grew our community of passionate gamers into one of the largest gaming communities in South East Asia (SEA has the largest and most active gaming demographic). Through our Dapps KDArena.gg and SILVERVOLT, we aim to seamlessly onboard these gamers onto Web3 and our ecosystem. Crypto wise we are still growing - with roughly 3,000 active traders. We foresee this number growing exponentially as our gaming community adopts our tokens through the utilities mentioned above.

$JED rocketed 10,000X!

Launched at $0.0001, we achieved an ATH of $1 in late 2021, during the peak of the bull run. $JED has since corrected with the rest of the market, hovering now around $0.1 - still 1000x post-launch. We look forward to a positive impact on price action despite market conditions, because all our utilities will be in full throttle and ready for mass adoption by our 800k community in 2023.

SILVERVOLT Beta launch - The first Web2 app powered by blockchain

We are proud to have successfully launched the beta of SILVERVOLT, a powerful app that enables gamers to earn an in-app currency simply by charging their phones! This app allows gamers to bid and win digital and physical gaming assets and goodies. Through our partnerships with gaming studios, such as Moonton and Tencent, gamers can purchase gaming assets with crypto or fiat directly via our app. The public version of SILVERVOLT is set to launch end of 2022.

We are a licensed casino

As part of our efforts to legally run luck-based games, lotteries and e-betting, we have successfully applied for a casino license. JEDSTAR Gaming can leverage this license not only for its apps like SILVERVOLT or KDArena.gg, but also its DeFi platform STARSTAKING.

GENESIS Mint - our first SFTs on Polygon

We launched our first SFT collection on the Polygon network late 2022. Our SFTs have utilities across DeFi, GameFi and apps like SILVERVOLT and KDArena.gg.

JEDSTAR Gaming Guild - and our 4 esports teams

We grew our community to over 800,000 active and passionate gamers through our gaming guild. Through our engagement and tournaments, we currently manage 4 esports teams, the highest ranking team being a top 10 in the MLBB Indonesia National League.

Outreach program -> Gaming4all.gg

JEDSTAR Gaming is proud to be able to give back to the gaming community through our outreach program gaming4all.gg. Through this program, we were able to support and educate over 200 gamers, and 12 schools.

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